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Call for Directors

To the residents of the community of Parkdale:

We are making a special call for others to join our Board this year and ask for people to step forward and help our community be vibrant, and welcoming, and collaborative. The PCA Board is volunteer-run and we, along with our staff, Committee members and other volunteers, serve in the name of civic pride. We work to improve our neighbourhood in numerous ways which are often frontand-center, and sometimes less obvious. We are stewards of the organization and its funds; we protect and promote the interests of our neighbourhood including working with the City to meet our goals; we provide inclusive and varied programs to our membership; and we host much-loved events throughout the year. Through our efforts and of others’, our community has a better quality of life.

We’re rightly proud of our contributions from recent years, including our annual kids' soccer program, our lush community garden space, and our popular events like the Stampede Breakfast, Parkdale PetFest, and Children's Holiday Party. We had tremendous success a couple of years ago replacing our aging rink with a new and modern Accessible Rink and Hub that has year-round attraction for all ages. Our building is kept in good condition for ours and our tenants' use, and we have hosted numerous activities across a wide range including registered children's education, physical and mental wellbeing activities, and social gatherings.

The Directors provide the vision, leadership, and work to realize these contributions. Many of our Directors past and present have served in their role for numerous years, taking time among already-busy professional and family lives to give to others. At the AGM coming up in late April – like others before – we expect a few Directors, some particularly long-serving, to choose to step back from their role which makes room for others to join. We are thankful for their efforts! However, we are notably lacking new Director volunteers who will continue the good work being done, and so we are making a special call now to our community for people to stand for nomination at the AGM on April 25th, 2024 to join Parkdale's Board of Directors.

The breadth and depth of actions the Board can take for our community is directly proportional to the number of people who provide their time to volunteer. We need conscientious and caring people to join, work with us, and make a difference in our community. There is a moderate time commitment, in the typical range of 6 to 12 hours per month, that usually includes discussions, correspondence, and our monthly meeting. There are a range of responsibilities that need to be assigned and we strive to match your interests to what's needed.

We know Parkdale is a relatively small community compared to others, and so we depend on individuals' drive to do what we do. The proverb that many hands make light work is so very true for volunteer groups like ours! We urge you, please, bring yourself forward to us and offer your heads, hands, and hearts to help.

We are in touch however you like - via social media like Instagram and Facebook, by email at, or phone at 403-283-5767. A great first step is to get a hold of us and we can discuss our opportunities and find out more about you! Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Your Board of Directors of Parkdale Community Association
Jon Jason Natalia Tammy John Angus Stephanie Jeremy Pat
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