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What does the Parkdale Community
Association do for you?

Help make a difference in your neighbourhood, Parkdale!

Each PCA service is administered by a committee of volunteers as well as a Board of Directors. By joining the Parkdale Community Association and volunteering your time, you help to ensure that these services will continue and that we can continue to meet the needs of the community going forward. Our services include:

Community Garden 


Started in 2013, the Community Garden and Gathering Space provides a special place where Parkdale residents and Calgarians can enjoy enhanced opportunities to share, learn, and play together.


Our aim is to add to the cultural experience and vibrant energy of our community by offering a venue for many kinds of wonderful activities, along with pure gardening.




As Parkdale continues to experience a redevelopment boom, the P&D Committee ensures the community is aware of development applications and advocates on behalf of the community and residents.


By focusing on preserving the character of Parkdale, the P&D committee helps ensure your community continues to have the feeling that led you to move here in the first place.

PCA Newsletter

Delivered 12 times a year to every home and business in Parkdale and its surrounding area. 


Your Parkdale Post keeps Parkdale residents and businesses informed and engaged in their community.


Parkdale Soccer



One of the most popular programs in the community with more than 100

children participating, our soccer program is available for children as young as 2

and as old as 12.

If you are interested in supporting these, or any services that benefit Parkdale as a whole,

please become a Parkdale Community Association member today.

For any inquiries to volunteering, please contact

For any inquiries to membership, please contact


How to Get Involved

Here are some ways to help your community:


At Any Event or

Become a Board Member

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Become a member here‏.


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