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2024 Soccer Volunteering

The Parkdale Soccer Program is completely volunteer-operated and more volunteers are always required.  


By registering your child(ren) in the soccer program, we need your help in ensuring we are able to run a successful soccer season. Unfortunately, if all positions are not filled, the soccer season cannot move forward!


So, please help in any way you can – no experience necessary; we are a community ran program, all volunteering together for the happiness of our little soccer players! 

Please review the volunteer roles below, and indicate on your registration form which position you will be able to assist with.

If you have any questions about the volunteer roles and responsibilities, please contact

Soccer Coordinator

1 position

March – June

  • Review registration, assign teams, coaches and volunteers accordingly

  • Order team jerseys and equipment

  • Inventory, collect, manage distribution of soccer equipment

  • Collect, manage and communicate to all volunteers for various roles required

  • Connect with Inner Community House League [ICHL] for U10+ teams

  • Coordinate with Chinook Soccer to compile coach and volunteer supports

  • Oversee incoming and outgoing communications related to soccer program

  • Hire support staff for soccer program such as refs, and field maintenance

  • Organize a mandatory meeting for all soccer program volunteers

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours/week (Feb-Apr),

1-2 hours/week (May-June)



2 positions per team
April – June

  • Each team has 2 co-coaches who share coaching duties with another co-coach/partner, ensuring that if one cannot make a certain session, the other is there to cover.  Duties include attending the Coaches & Manager Meeting in April, attending a coaching clinic (if needed) and coaching the team during the season. You and your co-coach can alternate games and practices as long as one of you makes each session.

  • Coaches are needed for all teams at all age levels. For younger age levels (U4, U6 and U8), coaches don’t need experience and free Coaching Clinics are held to give you the basic knowledge you need.  You simply need to have the ability to work with the kids and have fun.

Time commitment: 3 – 4 hrs/week
U4/U6: Coaching is 2 practices per week (1 hour each)
U8 and up: Coaching 1 practice per week (1 hour), plus 1 game per week (1-1.5 hours)

The mandatory Coaches and Managers Meeting is held one evening in April for approximately an hour.

Coaching Clinics are approximately 90-120 minutes each, and usually held on a weekend morning in April.  Your attendance is paid by the community, and they’re a great way to gain the basic knowledge you’ll need to be one of the co-coaches.


Team Manager

1 position per team
April – June

Each team needs a manager whose general role is to help the team coaches organize the details and communication with the team parents.  The Team Manager is responsible:

  • to attend the Coaches & Manager Meeting in April

  • to help communicate basic information to the team parents during the season by email (schedules once set, cancellations due to weather, reminder of photo days, etc.)

  • to distribute uniforms at the beginning of the season

  • to create a “snack schedule” to outline which player’s responsibility it is to bring snacks to each session.

Typically, the team manager will communicate approximately once per week with their team, so this list likely appears like more work than it is!  Your coaches will also assist with some of these basic tasks as well.

Time commitment:  Less than 1 hour per week during season; attending Coaches & Managers meeting (one meeting of 60 minutes); and one of the coaching clinics  (approx. 90 minutes one time).


Equipment Manager

1 position (required in January/February, April & end of June)

  • Inventory, collect, manage distribution of soccer equipment

  • Manage the equipment sign out at the pre-season Coaches & Manager Meeting in April.

  • Ensure all teams have required equipment

  • Create and manage sign-out forms and manage team inventory

  • Organize Equipment Return/Drop off night at end of season

  • assembling coaching documentation package for each team

  • Maintains club equipment inventory & provide a list or items to be purchased for next season

  • Equipment manager will also have a volunteer equipment team supporting them (the Equipment Coordinators)

Time commitment: 2-3 hrs before soccer season starts at Coaches & Manger Meeting (April), plus approximately 1-2 hours at the end of the season to ensure soccer equipment and bags are returned and put back into inventory.

Outdoor Football Training

Let's Volunteer Together

Please help in any way you can – no experience necessary; we are a community ran program, all volunteering together for the happiness of our little soccer players! 

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